If it’s an event for your team that you are looking for then a voice workshop can deliver easy and powerful activities that will have them working together effectively in a matter of minutes.


 Learning to listen one another and contribute to the harmonic outcome of simple songs sung in 3 or 4 part harmony will create a great sense of unity and cooperation.

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What we can offer your team

We offer a host of workshops ranging from a two hour workshop designed to integrate as part of a staff development day, a half/ full day team building workshop throughout to a workplace choir taster session.

We offer packages to suit a variety of budgets  providing bespoke service for both small business and larger corporations. Get in touch to talk about which one will best suit your needs.

Increase engagement

Singing as a group and the process of learning songs together will forge bonds and lend opportunity to work cooperatively sharing and building valuable listening and communication skills. We learn to stretch ourselves enought to reach out and work with colleagues that we wouldnt normally have contact with in a fun and productive way.

Energise your team

Singing is a great way to work out! The increased levels of oxygen that is taken as we breath deeper will oxygenate the brain promoting better mental alertness and energise the body.

The powerful release of the feel good chemical endorphines boost mood instantly and promoting positivity and joy.

Reduce Stress

We are able to measure the way that singing directly reduces stress. Singing releases muscle tension and decreases the levels of cortisone (stress hormones) in the blood stream. The community effect that group singing has, leaves participants feeling release and gives a sense of shared experience which ultimately creates a feeling of support and well being.

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